The Electrician Trainee

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An electrician trainee is a position similar to that of the electrician apprentice, though sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. Trainees are apprentices enrolled in a state-approved school. Electrician trainees may, in some cases, start out at a different pay grade from an apprentice because of their enrollment in school. Electrician Mount Pleasant SC are looking for any trainee seeking for jobs and we are ever expanding our professional team.

The education of an electrician trainee
To become a journeyman electrician, both trainees and apprentices will have had to receive schooling in electrical theory, which is the knowledge of how electricity works as well as various concepts and principles related to electricity. This includes such things as Ohm’s law and equations related to electricity. Electrician trainees will be expected to have a GED before starting their work at a construction site. Both apprentices and trainees will work under a master electrician and be supervised directly by a journeyman electrician.

The career path of the electrician trainee
The goal is first to become a journeyman electrician. A journeyman is a tradesman with a full understanding of the electrical trade as well as local codes and regulations. Certified, licensed journeymen are permitted to do most forms of electrical work with the exception (in most places) of designing electrical layouts. Journeymen work under the supervision of master electricians. Master electricians have worked as journeymen for a specified amount of time and been certified as master electricians after taking a licensing examination. To become a licensed journeyman, the trainee or apprentice will have to pass an examination that may be administered by the state in which they plan to work, or the local municipality. This is to show that they have an understanding of the building codes and laws with regard to electrical installation as well as knowledge of the trade itself.

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