Electrician is a Good Career Choice

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For boys and girls long on mechanical ability and short on college futures, there’s good money in the construction trades. One winner is electricians.

A Live-wire Suggestion

Construction electricians (also called wiremen) have annual earnings among the highest in the building trades. This is both because of the hourly rate and because the seasonal nature of construction work affects electricians less than most other construction workers. According to the May, 2019 survey the lowest hourly rate for electrician is $21.60 (in Houston) and the highest is $44.70 (in New York).

High Voltage Job

The construction electrician is a pretty important guy. As an example, have you ever watched a magnificent apartment skyscraper soaring in construction? It stands like an empty frame, dark and impersonal. Later, after residents settle in and you eye the same building at night, now spectacular with lights, the shell seems to have come alive!

It was the electrician’s work that made it possible; the light and heat, motion and sound. Just before the plasterers began their work, wiremen were busy laying out, assembling, installing and testing electrical fixtures, apparatus, and dozens of other intricate operations. They follow blueprints, work in high voltages safely, and spot, connect and service complicated electrical equipments and controls.

Electricians work for all kinds of employer. While most work for electrical contractors many are self employed and others work for government agencies or private businesses. Some change employers by the job and others work for the same contractor several years or more.


Most training authorise recommend completion of four- or five-year apprenticeship program, after which you must pass exams to become a licensed journeyman or master electrician. Ages are usually 18 to 24; a high school education is required. Your state employment service office can refer you to the local joint apprenticeship program, sponsored by the National Electrical Contractors Association and The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) . For career data, check out the official website of IBEW at www.ibew.org.

The Future

Various actors will determine the trade’s growth rate.

Plus side:
increasing population, with a great many people moving into the over-25 age group needing housing and business quarters, and the trend toward more use of electrical products.

Minus side:
Such technological advances as prefab electrical equipment, factory “packaged” ceilings, better and time-saving tools.

Question mark:
Availability of credit for new building “starts.” On balance, the U.S. Labor Department expects employment growth of construction electricians to increase slowly throughout the following years, and with more than 5,000 openings each year from deaths and retirements alone.

Up And Up

Advancement may be to foreman, superintendent,” estimator or contractor. Also, a good construction electrician can transfer readily to various other types of electrical work.

In a single year, the construction electrician may bring electrical comfort into the home or business: office, wire for life-giving equipment in hospitals, spacecraft or submarines, or cause factory wheels to spin. Because of the immense variety of job locations, chances are-as a construction electrician – you shouldn’t blow your fuse with boredom.

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