Electrical 101: Tips for Installing Pendant Lighting in the Kitchen

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Pendant lighting is perfect for use over a bar top in the kitchen area. Many of today’s homes feature a bar or an island in the kitchen area. Installing pendant lighting in these areas is relatively simple and just takes a little bit of electrical knowledge. This project will take less than an hour if there is already an existing light fixture in the area in which you will be installing the pendant lights. Follow these tips for easily installing pendant lighting in the kitchen area or any area in the home.Electrician Mt Pleasant provides these tips to the locals of Mount Pleasant and Charleston to be more aware of this.

Electrical 101 Tips for Installing Pendant Lighting Materials:

Pendant Lights

Junction Box

Drywall saw or Saws All

Electrical 101 Tips for Installing Pendant Lighting in the Kitchen Steps:

Pendant Lighting Installation Step 1: Shut off main power at the circuit breaker box which is typically located in the garage, basement or another inconspicuous area of the home. Make sure that you always turn power off before beginning an electrical project such as this one.

Pendant Lighting Installation Step 2: Begin by removing the existing light fixture from the area in which you are installing the pendant lighting. This will include removing bulbs and the existing fixture by unscrewing the hardware from the ceiling.

Pendant Lighting Installation Step 3: Disconnect the wiring of the existing light fixture from the ceiling. All wires should be disconnected so that the entire fixture can be removed and placed out of the way.

Pendant Lighting Installation Step 4: You will need to install a new junction box into the area in which the pendant lighting is being installed. This is relatively easy and simply involves cutting a hole in the drywall large enough to place the junction box in and using the existing hardware to fasten it in. Use a saws all or a drywall saw to cut away the drywall making a hole large enough for the junction box. Most junction boxes are about 2 inches by 4 inches but there are many different styles.

Pendant Lighting Installation Step 5: Pull all of the electrical wiring through the junction box so that you can work with the wires to connect the new pendant lights in the next step. Use a mounting bracket to assure that the pendants will be securely hung on the ceiling without any risk of them falling. Most pendant light kits will come with a mounting bracket that will securely attach to the junction box using a combination of bolts and screws.

Pendant Lighting Installation Step 6: Begin wiring the new pendant lighting to the junction box and the mounting bracket. Match the wires together and use a wire nut to fasten each wire with its match. Always attach the colored wires to their corresponding colors to assure that you do not ever cross wire anything.

Pendant Lighting Installation Step 7: Once you have attached all wires and used wire nuts to fasten each set together you can push them up into the junction box for safe keeping hidden from the fixture itself. Attach the fixture to the mounting bracket that was supplied using the supplied hardware. This will usually consist of bolts or screws and nuts. Make sure that the pendant lighting is securely fastened before turning the main power back on at the circuit breaker.

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